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Sunday Study Session

March 5, 2017

What is Ethical Culture?

Attend this gathering where we review some of the documents created around the ideas and ideals of Ethical Culture as well as some of the current writings on Ethical Culture. This month the topic is Joseph Chuman’s essay “A Religious View of Life” from his book “Speaking of Ethics” page 265. Chuman writes: “The very foundation of Ethical Culture, its defining characteristic, was intended to be a shared commitment to moral striving, to recognizing the supreme importance of attempting to live out a life inspired and guided by moral values.” He contrasts his view of the religious with the secular view of life. “ To take a religious view of things is to see them over the long range, and not solely in terms of immediate gratification.” “…a completely secular interpretation of life is overly concerned with analyzing, manipulating, and employing the world for the sake of human ends, usually the end of human happiness.” What do you think? Lawrence leads the discussion.

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